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Car History Enquiry from Norway

David Beck
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If anyone has any information on the following vehicle can you post it and I will pass on to Knut.

I have a friend who owns a Cobra that he bought from a person in the US several years ago.

We live in Norway and have the following info about the car:


VIN 54112315

TITLE SW 11,2315 PA


He thinks it is a 1966, the engine is probably a Ford 302 cu inch.

I enclose a picture of the VIN plate. A picture of the car is on my page on The Cobra Register.

Cobra VIN


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Roger King
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I don't know about the US, but we didn't have VINs in 1966 - we had chassis numbers or commission numbers.  That's not an original AC or SA chassis plate from 1966 - does anyone know of any replica builders from that period?  The Ford 302 first came into production in 1968 - casting numbers for date can be found on the block, but obviously that only tells you the age of the engine.

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Knut Skallerud
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Cobra IMG 0466 LI

Thank you Roger King for your post regarding the VIN plate on my friends car in Norway.

Here I enclose a picture of the vehicle.

Does anybody know anything about this car, by seeing the picture?

Best wishes to you all!


Paul Blore
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Hi Knut,

Unfortunately there isn't enough detail showing to allow anyone to make any judgement on what it is. We would need to see areas like the underside and engine compartment in order to give us any clues. What we can say with almost total certainty is that it wasn't built in 1966.


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