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Paul Blore
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Given the low mileage that you’ll be doing, I’d be inclined to go for something pretty soft, which will reduce the likelihood of squealing and give better bite at lower temperatures.

My pads are hardly worn and the discs look the same as they did when they were new, and that’s after around 35,000 miles, some of it pretty enthusiastic.

I’m considering changing my pads for something a bit softer because I have to be extra careful until they’ve warmed up a bit.


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Colin Newbold
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First of all Lee, congratulations on a stunning car.  Love what you've done, especially the Sunbursts.

I took Stuart Chappell to the Revival in my Cobra on Sunday and he successfully calibrated the Brantz.  Car ran beautifully...neither of us can believe the engine produces just 200 bhp, it feels so much faster.  Once again We were both in awe of the racing. Weather was superb, with just enough breeze to keep the wasps off our picnic!

Next Cobra challenge: HERO Challenge, 21st Sep. 1 day regularity with Henry Bevan as navigator and an Aylesbury base.  Then we both hotfoot it to Silverstone on the Sunday where I'll contest 2 races in the Fiesta.  This is the penultimate event of the season, with Brands the final.  Currently leading Class A in the BRSCC Fiesta Championship, with an unassailable lead as long as I finish all the races.



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