Nine months later.....
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Nine months later...

Byron Bevan
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Sorry to have missed you all at the recent lunch venue, we were otherwise engaged I'm afraid. Will make sure we are at the next meet up.

Following an extended summer shakedown period, the Ace has finally gone off to be painted at a local bodyshop.  Colour is classified at the moment but all will be revealed on its return. First prize of a bottle of wine to the nearest guess.  Hopefully it will be back early December and the Cobra will follow on after it. Plan is for both to be completed come April, fingers crossed.

IMG 20181031 133555769 HDR

Dale Bowman
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a slightly darker shade of grey than it is now 🙂


It should, of course, be Wimbledon White 😉 

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Roger King
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Austin A30 green, to continue a theme...

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Paul Blore
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They look great in red and yet there are surprisingly few red Cobras or Aces around.


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