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Balancing bubbles

Dave Woodward
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Hi all,

I hope you are all keeping well.

I just wanted to see if anybody has had any success using the bubble balancing kits to balance their wire wheels.

I appear to have lost a weight or two from one of my wheels and nobody seems comfortable balancing them. I do have the cone kit that enables the balancer to hold a wire wheel but still people seem reluctant or unable to confirm they can balance them accurately.

I've seen the bubble balancers online and on youtube but didn't think a static balance would be sufficient and couldn't replicate the centripetal forces at speed.

Any thoughts or experiences welcomed.



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Roger Coote
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Can't help on the bubble balancer but I can say that my nearest Morgan dealer was able to balance my wheels properly. 

They had the proper adapter to enable a wire wheel to be centralized on the balancer.

Dale Bowman
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not sure how far these are away from you Dave but specialists in wires




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Roger King
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Dave, the MWS or similar cone kit is all you need - if your local shop won't do it, I'd look for another.  I have no problems with mine, or with the Haweka kit I need to use for the Mustang and the Land Rover, both of which have stud-centred wheels, not hub-centred.  That is a complex piece of kit to use, but both tyre fitters near me are happy to use it.  The cone kit is a doddle in comparison.

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