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Le Mans 66

Colin Newbold
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This is the UK (and I think Europe generally) title of the film called 'Ford v Ferrari' in the US. Not sure why they needed to change the title for us but I have to say that my wife Nicky and I saw it on the big screen in our local ODEON theatre and we were both impressed. I'd been put off a bit before we went by reading some of the classic car magazine reviews ("...if you're a car guy, leave all that in the foyer...") but in actual fact I came out thinking it was a better film than I was expecting.

It's a film that focuses very much on the lives of Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles at that time and the special relationship between the two of them. I understand that both characters are played very accurately, albeit with a bit of licence (movie make-believe) thrown in! I was lucky enough to meet Shelby one time and the actor Matt Damon does him very well from what I remember. Never met Ken Miles obviously, but did meet his PA one time and the actor Christian Bale seems to embody much of what she reminisced about.

I was very impressed that Nicky quite enjoyed the film all the way through to the racing scenes at Le Mans itself, and then found it less interesting! But she's like that with the cricket. Or the football. She even turns over to Piers Morgan when the sport slot gets featured on BBC Breakfast television!

So if you haven't been to see it, don't wait for Netflix or Amazon Pride...this is a film that deserves the big screen, surround sound, etc!



Paul Blore
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Yes we enjoyed it as well. 
Some of the racing scenes were a bit too “Hollywood “ with countless gear up changes and there always seemed to be another 2” of throttle travel available, but  good fun all the same.


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Werner Vogel
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Rating: Highly recommended

I've seen the film togehter with my family in its very first week. I am not as deep in the subject like others, but I think it mostly stucks to the truth and it is really well done.

So, If somebody has not seen this film, take the chance and watch it now - its perfect for rainy and cold days.


In this content ... I would also recomend the book with this title:

"Ford GT how Ford silenced the critics humbled Ferrari and conquered le Mans"

It's a very good reading with a lot pictures.