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Under arch protection

Barry Jones
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This is mainly for the aluminium cars but will work just as well for the fiberglass cars, good under arch stone burst protection, stop dents in aluminium and the crow's foot on fiberglass.  

Roger King
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Looks like a good product, Barry.

If you use an adhesive sheeting material like this it goes without saying that you have to be 100% certain that the adhesive is completely and totally reliable in the long term.  Any edge that becomes unstuck is going to encourage corrosion leading to problems - the same goes for any spray treatments with the same aim.  I use Terotex 2000 or 3000, which is a rubber-based anti-stone-chip.  This goes on over etch primer and has a coat of Dinitrol 4941 over the top, which is 'topped up' every other year.

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