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Cobra! Edition 2

Lee Marshall
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So, the next edition of Cobra! is with creative genius David Hill for design and formatting.

In this edition, you can look forward to:

Over 30 packed pages dedicated to all things Cobra, with a word count of more 12,000 and including over 40 photographs; many of which are either brand new, or haven't been seen in almost 50 years.  Our second edition features two genuine world exclusives, following extensive research on the fate of TV's most famous AC and a new insight into rock and roll's two most voracious petrol heads...

In this edition:

  • What's in a number part 2; a guide to period perfect registration numbers for your Cobra
  • The Avengers prototype Frua AC427 special feature
  • Led Zeppelin's John Bonham and his mystery 427 finally identified after 40 years 
  • Running Reports
  • The Goodwood Revival and Sussex road trip event reports
  • My favourite driving road from Peter Adams

Coming soon to an inbox near you...


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Colin Newbold
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Looking forward to it already Lee, will start to clear a space in my downstairs looibrary 😋 

Might even try to contribute in time...