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Dinner at New Hall, Sutton Coldfield

Roger King
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A big thank-you to Jo and all her team for organizing our really nice stay at New Hall.  The fantastic panelled ambience of the Great Chamber for dinner and breakfast was excellent, as were the quality pre-prandial cocktails.  Your hard work was truly appreciated!

A lot of intesting material abounded regarding Sir Alfred Owen, a past owner of the house.  Most will recognize Sir Alfred as a major contributor to BRM and the second half of Rubery Owen, one of the biggest names in the British car industry component world, including supplying many big name manufacturers with complete chassis, panels etc.

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Barry Jones
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Many thanks Jo for organizing a fantastic hotel and dinner, first rate. Mum can't wait for the next one 😎. Next time I might stay off the White Russian's.

Paul Blore
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A great evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all I think.

well done Jo and many thanks.


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