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Lee Marshall
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A big thank you to Roger and Morag for their immaculate hospitality last night; the food was wonderful, the company sublime and the venue wasn't half bad either!  I looked at my poverty specification double garage this morning and walked away, just shaking my head.  And that chocolate brownie will be talked about for years to come...  Thank you for a lovely evening.

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Roger King
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Our pleasure, Lee - it was great to see everybody and continue the 'Le Mans' tradition.  Thanks to Paul for bringing projector and screen for us all to enjoy.  The weather behaved, and we finally wound up for good when Byron the rocker completed his final donut and left in a cloud of tyre smoke at about 7pm.

Chocolate Brownie?  What chocolate Brownie?  Long gone, mate.

A great weekend, looking forward to LMC.

Roger (& Morag)

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